February 6, 2013

Joe Budden - No Love Lost

I am tough on Joe Budden. Unfairly so. He's my friends favorite rapper and even though I have a high level of respect for Joey's skills it is hard for me to wrap my head around him being someones all time favorite. That makes it hard for me to give a completely fair critique.

My first impression is that considering Joe is on one of those god awful reality tv shows right now this was a great body of work to put out. I don't think I'll be listening to this much though. It doesn't do much to appeal to my rappity rap sensibilities. I haven't heard solo Joe Budden in awhile so for all I know this is his new direction but to me it feels like he intentionally made this album to appeal to his inevitable influx of new fans from his tv show, not core rap fans. There's not anything wrong with it, it just doesn't match the zone I'm in right now.

Best song: Top of The World

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