January 24, 2013

Consequence - Movies On Demand 4

I downloaded this and wasn't in any kind of rush to listen until I saw a youtube of Consequence barking at a bunch of rappers and explaining his keys to a successful relationship. It was quite entertaining! And now I have a lot of questions about the Cons. None of them related to music.

Movies on Demand 4 is difficult for me to sum up briefly. It's good but I can't see me recommending it to anyone. I don't think my rappity-rap friends would like most of the beats. On the opposite end of the spectrum I think the story telling, and almost every song is a story, would probably be too cerebral for everyone else. Still, there are some well put together songs here and I was left thinking about how much of a shame it is that things have evolved to the point where artists have to give away such well polished material.

Best song: How You Gon Be Broke In The Rap Game

Free download from DatPiff.

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