July 28, 2007

Mickey Factz: Back To The Future - Flashback Vol 1 (mixtape)

Mickey Factz is one of the few new dudes I'm excited about (no homo). Dude can rhyme, he does topics, he's got charisma. What more can you really ask for? I don't know a whole lot about him other than he's from somewhere in NYC & his crew is really into fashion. He did a mixtape a while back using all NERD beats & that was really the first time I'd heard him.

This tape here is Mickey rhyming to all 80's & 90's beats. He does "Choice Is Yours," "Round The Way Girl," "Bonita Applebum," etc etc & leans on Slick Rick three times. It's one of those things where he sticks to the same rhyme schemes & some of the same lines. I'm not mad at that at all. The beats aren't strictly the original instrumentals. They've been sampled & arraigned differently. Usually with additional production. Sometimes you get the basic original beat for the first verse then when the 2nd verse comes in things switch to a new beat that is inspired by the original. I can't front... the additional production kinda ruins things for me. The producer layers on keyboard sounds & sometimes abandons the original beat altogether. Some of the synth lines make no sense to me. Like when they do "Check The Rhime" it just doesn't feel right at all & even though I want to hear the raps I have to press skip. I know a lot of younger dudes who say they don't go back & listen to the true classics (not in the internets sense of the word) because they sound dated. Maybe this is Mickey's crews way of updating the sound? I dunno.

I have to keep it 100 & say that production wise this isn't the best introduction to Mickey if you've never heard him before. But the tape is free, he doesn't slouch lyrically, & it's (mostly) nostalgic beats so it might be worth your listen. Download a copy direct from Mickey.

I just looked & it looks like you can still get that NERD tape I was talking about too. Tell me he didn't murder that "Rockstar" beat!


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